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Substance Use, Stigma, and Incarceration: How Racism Impacts Prosecution, Sentencing and Access to Treatment in the Prison System
Case Western Reserve University's School of Medicine and Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program welcome you to our live Webinar series on Racial Disparity, Social Justice and the Opioid Crisis.

Black and Latinx heroin use has historically been stigmatized as a moral failing and continues to be prosecuted and sentenced punitively. White opioid use – in marked contrast - has been decriminalized and treated as a biomedical disease. While Black and Latinx individuals use drugs at the same rate as whites, they are 6-10 times as likely to be incarcerated for drug use. Join us to learn how racism impacts prosecution, sentencing and access to treatment for minorities in the prison system and what policy reforms are necessary to break the cycle of incarceration for substance use.

William Maddox, LSW, LICDC-CS Program Manager of the Men's Residential Unit at Community Assessment & Treatment Services Cleveland

"Substance, Stigma, the Criminal Justice System and Access to Treatment: My Perspective"

Latoria Eason, Drug Court Treatment Coordinator, Greater Cleveland Drug Court

"Systemic Issues in Treatment Courts"

Piet van Lier, Research Consultant, Policy Matters Ohio

"Opportunities for Justice Reform in Ohio"
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