Med-Peds Advisor Session, 5:00 PM Eastern - Shared screen with speaker view
Stacy Ellen (Drexel/St. Chris)
Can you speak to the Virtual away offerings this year?
Stacy Ellen (Drexel/St. Chris)
Also, when a student is very geographically “narrow” - how it is perceived when the student applies to the Categorical Peds program and MedPeds program at the same institution?
Stacy Ellen (Drexel/St. Chris)
Given COVID and the potential for less rotations prior to ERAS submission, will Internal Medicine and Peds chair letters both still be required at most programs?
Margaret Kell, OMS IV
Thank you both for your time and this information. As an Osteopathic medical student can you offer any advice outside of medicine and pediatrics for 4th year rotation opportunities that we are likely to find at many institutions that are not affiliated with a “home base hospital” that has med-peds? Schools are limiting 4th year opportunities to those that have not been done in their 3rd year.
Stacy Ellen (Drexel/St. Chris)
We have 1-5 students going into MedPeds per year at Drexel. I appreciate this session and hope it will continue annually! Complements COMSEP advising collaborative nicelyt
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thank you! Rebecca Harrison CD at OHSU