Promoting Professional Resilience in Turbulent Times - Shared screen with speaker view
Joan Curry
Joan Curry-2023, Administrative Director, Pediatric Clinical Services at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Biggest challenge-Functioning in constant crisis mode and not being able to focus on "regular business"
Melissa Cole
Melissa Cole, currently enrolled in DNP program at Case.
Good afternoon! I'm Jen Carpenter, also DNP student and a nurse leader at UH.
Melissa Cole
Biggest Challenge- resiliency in teams during a crisis
Holly Ma
Holly Ma, FPB-- DNP--2023; Nurse Leader; University Hospitals System Director of Nursing Education and Nurse leader center. Greatest challenge: managing myself throughout to be my best for my team, org. family, community
Geeta Nastasi
Geeta Nastasi, current DNP student, CNIO for NY-Presbyterian
Joan Halpern
Joan Halpern , current DNP student and Nurse Leader, currently Vice President and CNO at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Lower Manhattan Hospital in NYC. Greatest challenge is keeping all teams engaged in the vision and strategies of the organization
Lyn Desilets
Lyn DeSilets BSN FPB ’64 retired Asst. Dean Villanova
Allen Selker
Allen Selker, School of Nursing I.T. Analyst CWRU University Technology (Please let me know if you are having any technical support issues / needs and I can try to assist! The most challenging thing for me during these times has been trying to coach users remotely / digitally through capturing relevant data for triage / support
Greatest challenge is connecting with my colleagues in the "micro moments" normally found between meetings and events. Virtual is better than nothing but not the same as a human connections...even for introverts!
Margaret Vimmerstedt
Margaret Vimmerstedt, Med 85. In a medical organization with a very effective financial developer in the top seat
Gloria Hilton
Dr. Gloria Hilton, FPB 2006, Adjunct Faculty. Virtual teaching and engaging students and faculty.
Maria Sharron
I sent the workbook to all new registrants and resent to those I sent before. If anyone still doesn't have it, they can request it in the chat.
Michele Clark
Michele Clark MSN 2000 Keeping in touch with colleagues
Margaret Vimmerstedt
I have been leading from the middle with lots of empathy, but I need to communicate better that I am near retirement! I have turned over all my functions to others over past 3 years and retired but not without being misunderstood for my covid indecision
Lois Novikoff
Lois Book Novikoff 1974, retired mental health nurse from VA. I retired just one year ago, not knowing my retirement would be impacted by the pandemic. It has been challenging to not be on the front lines helping people to cope with these stresses.
Julia Golden
Julia ‘09 grad - NP in Peds Hem/Onc.
Michele Clark
Being reassigned when the OR closed
Heidi Goodwin
Heidi Goodwin 08, MSN, UH Breast Center
Heidi Goodwin
halt to all new positions
Julia Golden
Biggest challenge is team engagement and communication with employees working from home
Kate Vinciquerra
Kate Vinciquerra, JD/MNO '06, Director of Development Hanna Perkins CenterI can't focus--at work or at home--and I can't keep up with the 8+ apps required to manage distance learning for my Kindergartener.
Heidi Goodwin
no raises, no bonuses, no longer matching our retirements
Janet Evans, BSN '69, MSN '86 trying to retire but still teaching part time and teaching without being able to do clinicals has been discouraging
Devin Bowers Ibrahimi - current student, DNP Miller Scholar. Director of Practice @ AACN (Critical-Care). Biggest challenge: Navigating COVIDs evolving recommendations and translation to the community.
Dr. Jo-Ann Leavey
Hi Hollie! Jo-Ann Leavey in attendance
Margaret Vimmerstedt
As more roles are given to nurses, the doctors start to feel like they are not needed- until there is a complex patient of something happens at 4:55.
Margaret Vimmerstedt
So please share your positive attitude, praise, thank you’s with the MD’s and DO’s and avoid power struggles. Especially women at not for profit or in positions that need good problem solving but don’t generate revenue. Please treat us as individuals: ask what would be helpful to us rather than assign without checking in: people need to be able to bail, professionally if working from home is not working for example- think outside the box
Michele Clark
The outlets for stress are gone
Joan Curry
nurses having to supply a lot more emotional support to patients as visitors are restricted
Dr. Jo-Ann Leavey
People angry, breaking down, crying on the job
Michele Clark
Some people were sent home and others continued to work every day and both got the same pay
Dr. Jo-Ann Leavey
interpersonal breakdowns, burnout
Michele Clark
PPE and hot flashes!
Kate Vinciquerra
Most of us have the most stress over the health and well being of the generation(s) before us. A lot of stress about parents and their other health crises in COVID times.
Kate Vinciquerra
("US" being at my workplace.)
Margaret Vimmerstedt
My niece, RN in Columbus, was able to make home made PPE in the first 3 weeks, and RN’s took it on themselves to bleach surfaces with supplies from home. At onset, an administrator, had said “don’t wear masks/ face shields, it will scare the visitors- just before the shut down.
Michele Clark
My sister was in the hospital the first week and I had her power of attorney but couldn't see her. My mother fell and I couldn't care for her. My friends husband had a stroke and 2 coworkers got Covid. I spent hours on the phone. I never used facebook before but use it now to connect with people.
Margaret Vimmerstedt
I do so much with self care, and have replaced all my normal stuff with new ways of coping- my supervisor mistook my covid stress, loss of family as worthy of denying my clinical privileges in the middle of a pandemic- I was surprised and took it personally, even when I knew it was a misreading of my own grief, and baseline loyalty to my patients— but I let it all go and got out of the toxic culture. Now can take my time to be a community member with therapeutic personality: I am a healer and I help others AND take great care of myself. Nurses who show off their power are demoralizing to those around them
Joan Curry
the inability to manage their feelings of burnout is concerning as well
Margaret Vimmerstedt
Are there any cultures such as Asian where stoicism and obedience to male elders that are having trouble in the US culture with our tendency to be individualistic and to be skeptical of our leaders. Ambiguity is so hard for people to handle-agree with make this “ the rules for today and likely to change”
Dr. Jo-Ann Leavey
Yes some staff REFUSE to wear masks and don’t seem to care about potentially infecting others. Perhaps a way to displace their internal anger/frustration?
provide her to offer her thoughts without judgement in a safe place...encouraging her not to take the public space to relay her emotion
Lois Novikoff
Help her to identify and talk about her feelings, frustrations and how her behavior may be effecting other. Provide support, encourage her to seek help for herself psychologically.
Michele Clark
My husband and I walk outside every day, meditation and controlled breathing
Geeta Nastasi
Acknowledge Sally's concern and convey appreciation. Tell her no one has the ability to control the situation but shehas the power to choose how she reacts
Margaret Vimmerstedt
Written thank you notes, little unexpected kindness, random acts of appreciation. Ask rather than tell. Admit your own limitations and remain calm: model positive attitude in knowing that I can choose my attitude, who I associate with, vision how I want things to happen and develop allies who share my goals and work together- positive partnership= friend at work. Insist on good training, tools, equipment that you need. Use open questions “How is that for you? what ideas do you have? Avoid ambiguous “Why “ questions that can leave people feeling unheard, un validated
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Rey Rivera
Always great job Dr. Sherman! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!
Kathleen Frato
Great presentation!
Dr Susan Garbutt
Thank you Dr. Sherman!
Dr. Jo-Ann Leavey
fantastic presentation and facilitation!
Thank you Dr. Sherman. Excellent and informative workshop.