MPPDA Program Spotlight 6: Wayne State, UCLA San Diego, Harvard Brigham and Women's, Stony Brook, Arizona, Michigan Medicine, Arkansas, Missouri Kansas City, Western Michigan, Buffalo - Shared screen with speaker view
Eric Ayers
Yes will try to keep it going
Ronald Magliola
Hello, all! It's great to see so many familiar faces and some new ones. We hope that you are enjoying this series. Lots of fantastic programs presenting tonight so thanks for joining!
Joe Julian - UMKC APD
University of Missouri - Kansas Cityjulianja@umsystem.edu
Eric Ayers
Great Job to Arkansas and UMKC
Michael P L Lukela [Michigan Medicine]
Michael Lukela (Director, Med-Peds, University of Michigan): mlukela@umich.edu. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with questions. Stay safe and be well.
Sasha Kapil
Colleen Monaghan (APD BWH-BCH Med-Peds Residency)
Colleen Monaghan (APD, BWH/BCH Med-Peds) cmonaghan@bwh.harvard..edu Niraj Sharma (PD) nsharma@bwh.harvard.edu Mariel Bailey (Chief Resdient) mbailey@bwh.harvard.edu. Please reach out to any of us with questions or to chat.
Lori Wan - UCSD PD
Please feel free to contact me directly at lwan@health.ucsd.edu if you have any questions regarding UC San Diego (UCSD). Sorry my video failed but we truly have a great family feel and supportive environment. Best wishes to everyone! Stay safe and healthy!
Eric Ayers
Eric W.Ayers Program Director eayers@med.wayne.edu
Michelle Huddleston
Michelle Huddleston (Director Med-Peds University of Arizona Phoenix) mhuddles@phoenixchildrens.com. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
Ronald Magliola
Get your questions ready! Please use the chat feature to ask away!
Alice Alexander PD Arkansas
Alice Alexander (PD University of Arkansas) apalexander@uams.edu
Ronald Magliola
Aronica Vineyards Inc.
Robert Abdullah - PD @ Stony Brook
Coming In last - Rob Abdullah, Program Director, robert.abdullah@stonybrookmedicine.edu / Stony Brook
Eric Ayers
Dual APD at Wayne State Heather Abraham habraham@med.wayne.edu: Ijeoma Opara innodim@med.wayne.edu and our Chief Resident Kathryn Rice krice@med.wayne.edu
Jayne Barr MD - AAP SOMP
If want more information on Western Michigan, reach out to theotonius.gomes@med.wmich.edu
Colleen Monaghan (APD BWH-BCH Med-Peds Residency)
Med-Peds Rocks!
Jayne Barr MD - AAP SOMP
Sasha Kapil
Can’t wait to hear your questions, all!!
Angela Zhang (she/hers) MS4
what structural racism initiatives are you undertaking? specifically I am curious about: abolishing race-based medicine, teaching the historical legacies of medicine, and mitigating the minority tax where minoritized trainees are often asked to do unpaid work around ED&I?
Elizabeth Hayes - HUCM MS4
Good afternoon/evening everyone! If you did not already, could you speak to the mentoring your residents receive? (formal or informal)
Ronald Magliola
Bring those Q's!
Angela Zhang (she/hers) MS4
ED&I = equity diversity and inclusion!
Ernest Ekezie
good evening...…will late applications be weighed less as compared to the early applications?
Karim Abdel Jalil UNE MSIV
Good evening! Could you speak to different ways your programs adapted to the COVID pandemic and some of the ways your programs balanced protecting residents while providing a strong learning experience. Thanks!
Ronald Magliola
Because of the shortened interview season. I'd suspect that programs will be processing applications as quickly as possible. Suggest that you send in your applications as soon as you can--even if it is not complete. Don't delay!
Ernest Ekezie
Robert Abdullah - PD @ Stony Brook
At Stony Brook, we were quick to redeploy med peds to medicine to cover the surge in patients. We made sure the teams were well covered with attendings to manage services. Our medicine program went on to host virtual COVID based case conferences with experts (cardio, pulmonary), etc
Robert Abdullah - PD @ Stony Brook
I held a weekly optional town hall for my crew to make sure they had a chance to talk and collect
Colleen Monaghan (APD BWH-BCH Med-Peds Residency)
At BWH/BCH both of our linked residencies and our own med-peds residency are taking critical looks at our own programs as well as advocating for change in the larger hospital systems. I have been advocating for a more active anti-racism stance in the primary care division and have been asked to serve on a newly created D, E &I committee in the Division of Primary Care. Our residents do participate in unconscious bias training, active workshops related to racism in medicine and health inequities. Our residents are leaders in pushing for change and we also work to empower them and raise their voices. We have a focus on enhancing diversity in our recruitment, advocating for our patients, bringing a racial equity lens to our innovation and QI work. There actually is so much going on right now that it is hard to summarize. Some of which has been building and growing for years and others that are newer initiatives.
Angela Zhang (she/hers) MS4
thank you!
Jessica Gonzalez (FSUCOM, MS4)
Hi everyone! Could you tell us a little more about your patient populations and city? I know some programs mentioned multiple Spanish speaking patients and Native American outreach earlier. Thank you for sharing your time with us!
Megan Harris
thoughts on couples matching - both into Med-Peds? :)
Michelle Huddleston
We had our residents work remotely while on their Internal Medicine inpatient rotation for 3 months with the exception of the night team who still worked in the hospital for 7 days of the month. Using microsoft Teams we were able to see patients virtually together in their hospital rooms, the residents interviewed the patients and attendings would demonstrate physical exam findings. Residents would communicate wtih patients on the phone directly in their rooms, write daily notes, communicate with nursing staff, case managment, social workers and sub-specialists involved in their care.
Sasha Kapil
i’ve heard of a few Med-Peds couples!! I’m sure we could connect you with them to hear about their experiences!
Ernest Ekezie
Is research an essential component for an IMG applying into meds/ped
Colleen Monaghan (APD BWH-BCH Med-Peds Residency)
BWH/BCH mentorship via meetings with PD/APDs regularly with self-reflection and goal setting, connection to potential mentors. We also have a strong peer mentorship program started by one of our former chiefs that is very well received. We have a monthly academic half day and mentorship is incorporated into that day. (Niraj and Mariel had to log off and send their apologies).
Joe Julian - UMKC APD
Couples matching into med/peds is doable!
Ronald Magliola
Couples matching -- both into Med-Peds -- has been done below. Sounds like it will be done again!
Irfan "Simon" Ali | CUSOM M4
Are there any opportunities for POCUS training (for those of us interested) at any of your programs?
Robert Abdullah - PD @ Stony Brook
We have POCUS training as part of our SIM day / academic day on medicine , and as we go back to in person sessions, getting SIM time during weekly med peds conference
Mike Aronica SUNY Buffalo
@ Ernest Ekezie. Research is not an essential component. I would say that showing leadership in research or advocacy or student organizations is important.
Michael P L Lukela [Michigan Medicine]
From University of Michigan: No issues with PPE. Residency program sponsored resident initiative to make headbands for all residents (gotta protect those ears). COVID made it through surge. MP hospitalists critical to effort as were our residents. We balanced our in-person and out of hospital care to preserve safety and rest (reassigning residents who self-identified as high risk)… No-one needs to have training extensions due to the epidemic…
Joe Julian - UMKC APD
We are in the process of increasing POCUS opportunities which is being led by our chief residents. We are currently setting up a structured educational setting in which we can train our residents to use this clinically (and possibly teaming up with IM and EM categorical residents).
Jayne Barr MD - AAP SOMP
Western Michigan has now incorporated POCUS into the first 6 weekly didactics with an online reading and video didactics required as prep before each session. POCUS is available in clinic and in the hospital using Butterfly probes
Joe Julian - UMKC APD
It’s amazing (and reassuring) how many common themes all the programs have. There are so many great programs and it is very hard to go wrong. As a few folks mentioned, the med-peds community is tight knit and you’ll definitely realize “these are my people” when you’re on the interview trail.
Michael P L Lukela [Michigan Medicine]
From University of Michigan: We’ve had a number of couples during training and are very proactive in supporting dual professions in training (in medicine and outside!)
Jacki Lineberry VCOM 4th year
Thank you everyone, this was very helpful!
Jorge Rivera (UICOM-Chicago)
Thanks everyone!
Abhishek Surampudy, MS4 SKMC
Thank you very much!
Tripti Nagar
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Harry VanDusen
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Rachelle Gonzales - EVMS M3
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Divya Padmanabhan, OMS-IV
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