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Systems of Care Applied Learning (SoCAL)
SoCAL is a consultation-based learning community specifically designed for Care Coordination teams. It provides a structured framework to bridge the gap between learned principles of practice and principles of practice IN ACTION. It will also provide a framework to understand and refine the application of system of care principles with youth and families and provides a framework to organize the Care Coordinator’s understanding of youth and families with complex needs. This group experience will allow Care Coordination teams to gain skills and knowledge that can be generalized and applied across multiple situations
Presenting CMEs should register for at least the session that they are the presenter (but participation in all of the sessions is encouraged) Non-presenting CME care coordinators and supervisors can register for any of the sessions.

This learning environment is only for professionals working for OhioRISE as a CME, CME Sub Contractor or the Aetna Health Plan.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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